playing under the table and dreaming... (deviantways) wrote in archangels,
playing under the table and dreaming...

baby, you better treat me right

it's a mixed combination of hope and fear. and hating the way it all comes flooding back every time i see you. and a little bit of guilt because everyone says you're no good for me but maybe that's what makes it so exciting. i think i'm giving in to doing what makes me happy in the moment, that instant gratification.

i never thought you'd be the type to inspire me. but i guess it's from all the pain you've caused. i am astounded that i keep going back. i think the only way to get over you is to get away from you.

amanda | truth
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fucking amanda this writing thing better not be a one time thing

i'll try.

p.s. i miss you too! ♥
Pain always seems to provide the most inspiration, which is weird because I have been in so much of it over the past few years and have not written a paragraph.

These words certainly ring true. I think so many of us are attracted to people we know are wrong for us... sometimes because we want to fix them, or sometimes because we just crave something different and not so 'safe.'

i think it's because i want to fix him AND he's something different and not to safe. at least we're doing really well right now :) ♥