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Untitled...Just Typed This Out On My Phone A Few Minutes Ago...Yeah...

Heart's under siege.
Thinking, feeling;
Recollections of you--
Ravaging, ravaging--
Ravaging me.
Love, love,
Love me harder.
Like you mean it.
Make me regret you
Harder tomorrow
Because you don't.
Alone and shaking,
Lonely and manic, and
These long nights,
They tend to turn into you.
Sick, sick--
Heart's under siege.
No end in sight.
Not so long as your face remains
Deep in mind, haunting
Like a beautiful ghost.
I cannot imagine this
Weight lifting from me;
I, worse yet, invite it to stay.
Memories, memories--
Dirty and raw,
Beautiful and close.
From lust came the passion,
From passion came desire.
Love, love, love--
Sick, a heart so sick.
Damned heart's under siege
Once again.
Hold me close,
Hold me like you used to.
So deep and lovely, we were;
We mattered once.
We sparkled like infinity.
You said I was beautiful.
I let you degrade me.
This hopeless girl, a faerie fair?
I told you I was yours,
You didn't seem to realise.
On my knees for you,
Always then and always now.
"Whore." "Bitch." "Fuckdoll."
I embraced each word.
I embraced each breath of you.
I felt justified somehow.
Making myself worthless
Just to feel worthwhile.
So weak, I haven't the strength
To let go of your soft touch.
I haven't felt you in six months.
Yet I can still taste your kiss.
Powerless and pathetic,
Crushed and humiliated;
I am so ashamed by some,
But I cannot take back all I did
To try and make you see--
I love you, but you know this now.
Too late, too soon?
There would never have been a time.
So here I lie, as usual,
Unable to sleep yet dreaming,
Terrible and desperate
To get this message to you still.
Lovesick and lost in your eyes,
Even though they are not before me,
They look so like my own.
Battled, just like the ballads say...
Heart's under siege.
I cannot surrender.
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