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Untitled: Improv.

You may be a hypocrite,
But I'm the whore;
I am the easy target
And I should be destroyed.

A fallen star that never flew,
I come undone and
I become
Regret itself.

This is purgatory,
Not survival.
I've never been alive enough
To ever yearn to die.

Yet I fade before you,
Though I see your scars.
Your wrists are pink with texture.
And I somehow envy your descent.

I long to bleed,
To shed this sorrow.
Wallowing in shame--
I can be so melodramatic.

But it hurts just the same.
I lost myself somewhere,
A self I've never really known.
There is but one photograph,
Just one little girl smile.
She had a bit of a spark in her eyes.
That light is long since dead and gone.

I imagine that this
Is how it feels to die.
Yet I've never felt
What it means to be alive.
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