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forever we stand, united.

the circle of archangels

Circle of ArchAngels
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We are the Circle of ArchAngels. The Archangels are common girls, chosen to be angels through their creative merits and character in the same. In order to become an Archangel, one must display a degree of writing capability. Originally created on TeenOpenDiary, we have moved to LiveJournal for a more open, active community. There must be a position open for one to join the Archangels. If you are interested in joining, please leave us a note and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Current ArchAngels are asked to keep their contact information up-to-date. Any changes should be directed to the entry placed in the memories section.

By the EARTH that is Her body, evening_train
By the AIR that is Her breath, syrendelalune
By the FIRE that is Her spirit, seafolding
By the WATER that is Her womb, brine_wings
By the TRUTH that is Her soul, deviantways
By the SADNESS in Her heart, __darkling
By the INTUITION in Her mind, carnivalnights
By the LOVE that is Her protection, autopista
By the FATE that has brought Her here, killwinterstar
By the SPIRIT that mends Her energy, faulty_closure
By the CREATION that lifted Her to birth, ((available))
And by the DEATH that holds Her strength, swanlily
The 12 ArchAngels give their power, and the Goddess is cast.

Rejoicing the muse and inner tranquility, the angel of HARMONY : peachkingdom
Her glimmering brightness illuminating the scene, the angel of LIGHT : ((available))
Riding upon the wings of night, with watchful eyes, the angel of DARKNESS : ((available))
Then comes fury, raising dust, the angel of WAR : sansfeu
A calming influence, standing by war, the angel of PEACE : apolune
Stepping out of the dust mirage, the angel of BEAUTY : scarlight
Beauty holds the one which records and creates herself, the angel of POETRY : inkteeth
And casting aspiration behind all, the angel of DREAMS : estates

Lending all of Her soul, the angel of FAITH : morefinity
Feeding angels Her deviant illusions, the angel of HOPE : killthemachine
Remaining to spirit Her cure, the angel of GRACE : subtexts
Folding Her shape to the story of days, the angel of NOSTALGIA : loveandwarrior
Bleeding Her bittersweet novella, the angel of COURAGE : steeping

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